Philosophy and Values

The initial mission is to assemble capable and talented independent members working together as an interdependent group of experts who have the industry knowledge, skills, and desire to contribute to a strong CBC projects team organization. Each individual or entity has to be willing to give of themselves for the benefit of others. We service investor participants, and/or others, who want to participate in the production of our projects. By serving their needs and desires, we serve our own.


Principals and Values

The organization at all levels shall be well principled, including integrity, fairness, honesty, dignity, quality, and service, not only to team investors, clients, and our projects, but also to each other. These applied principal guidelines are the permanent values which shall be unarguable and self evident in our entire individual and combined internal and external services and project applications. This is our foundation.



To unselfishly share our individual knowledge and skills with each other and collectively create and accomplish more than, even at our own best, we could accomplish.


Our Goal

Our goal is to channel combined human and financial assets to develop our physical and financial assets through the way of projects and their development.


Being Proactive

Being responsible for our own individual and team responsibilities and behavior by choosing to proactively apply correct principals. this greatly assists to create and build our own personal and team financial values. We are to solve problems by taking the initiative to do whatever is necessary in applying good working principals, communication, and cooperation, to get the job done, to make things happen.



Solving problems by team communicating, interacting and sharing ideas provides solutions; this control influences our bottom line. When control problems are encountered, they are accepted, learned from, and lived with… even if we don’t like them. Problems can affect and negatively impact the process outcome, the objective is to try and keep them to a minimum.



We all make them; they are acknowledged instantly and we immediately apply coordinated corrective measures to minimize their impact. This will turn a failure into a success.



We keep our commitments; it is a reflection of our individual and teams integrity. Keeping promises gives us control and strength of greater effectiveness. We don’t make them, if we can’t keep them.