Principal Management

Rudy Terrazas – CEO and President
Rudy Terrazas is the founder and president of CB&C Corporation. As the founder of CB&C, Rudy is a commercial real estate developer with over 40 years of construction and development knowledge, skill and experience to bear on each CB&C development project.

Directly out of a college education from the University of Texas at El Paso, he became one of the principals in a family owned construction business and ultimately took over and grew the firm since 1965. In continuance growth, real estate and business development emerged permanent for Rudy as founder and CEO of CB&C Corporation, since 1988.

Rudy focuses on strategic planning, business development and overall management of CB&C Corporation and its’ affiliates.

Because of the recent changing financial and demographic market impacts on real estate, Rudy and the team have been directing an aggressive expansion in opportunistic growth.Thereby, strategically shifting the company’s direction and focus to the greater industrial, infrastructure and other affiliated industries; applying humanitarian, dynamic high demand, low supply segments of real estate and its related industries.

Within a continuing career of over 400 projects and billions in value, Rudy attributes all project successes to the quality of the company’s management team and its affiliates.