About Us



CB&C, Incorporated in 1988, has evolved and is an Owner's Program Management consulting service, which provides owners a broad scope of development services from project concept, design process, approvals, construction, it's use and may extend into facilities management.

We start with early Client/Owner/CB&C coordinated ideas and concepts and well into uses. They may include all or a portion of varied applied needs: such as establishing objectives, feasibility studies, options analysis, acquisitions, total design, value engineering, funding, site analysis, estimating, permits processing and construction overview to completion. Our approach is not a delivery system within itself, but a consulting service that analyzes and selects an appropriate delivery system or systems for the owner's project. We do not directly hold any of the contracts, but rather solicit, negotiate and manage these contracts for the owner, at cost, reporting, recommending and subject to the owner's final approval.

CB&C provides a clear definition of our program management's scope of work and responsibility, acting for and on behalf of the owner, as his project representative.

CB&C consults and serves to plan, coordinate, manage and implement the project to the full extent of the project needs as desired by the owner.

Our Team serves as an extension of the owner to supplement technical skills, thereby not requiring the owner to directly divert into the design and construction program process.

The owner benefits by saving time and cost from CB&C's full insight and experienced input, to an agreed clear plan of delivery.